My Story

In my desire to share my faith with onlookers in a variety of different settings (on the bus, at work, at school or my neighborhood) I’ve found myself caught between a few difficult realities:

  • It’s not easy to share your faith with strangers, much less people you know
  • Many Christian stereotypes posted on shirts or other apparel places a target on your head that says “Christian”, sometimes spoiling an engaging first impression.
  • Relationships are key to making disciples, and getting them started can be difficult.

I saw a neon t-shirt one day that said “MADE FOR GLORY” and thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I can use something as simple a t-shirt, with a carefully crafted message, to start conversations about God and the Gospel.” It was from this idea that I searched and struggled to find them, and eventually the Lord birthed this “Walking Proclamation” apparel company in my heart.


To engage the world with God and His Gospel through discipling Christians to more readily share their faith.


Our desire is to empower Christians to become a walking proclamation in their everyday lives, by provoking curiosity that opens doors to talk about God and His Gospel.

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