How would the shirt start a conversation?

Ideally, it would come from one of two types of people: 1) someone they know who sees them regularly and notices this new shirt they’re wearing or 2) possibly an acquaintance or even a stranger that doesn’t really know them. Out of curiosity about the brand, or the shirt meaning, they would ask something like “What’s that shirt all about?” or they might engage with the question or topic on the shirt by trying to answer it, or challenge it.

Should I bring up the topic on my shirt to try and start the conversation?

Only on more rare occasions when it makes sense. The shirt is meant to prompt others to ask about it, not for you to preach from it. Ask the God’s Spirit to open doors of conversation, or pray for specific people you hang out with, that other doors of conversation would open up?

For Ministry Leaders:

How does this tool fit in with the Church’s Mission – to make disciples of Jesus?

It serves as one small part of a giant puzzle of how discipleship can start. Since discipleship is about relationships we know there are many, many ways to start a relationship, or take an existing one and go deeper about spiritual things. We believe our clothing will help redeem that valuable place on people’s chests to help people to spark conversation about the question or topic on the shirt – thus leading to a spiritual conversations about Jesus.

How does this shirt disciple my people in their personal walk with the Lord?

There are four primary ways we see this happening.

  1. The first is by training them to prepare themselves with stories about Jesus and the Gospel or to become more articulate about the greatness of God in the attribute referenced on the shirt.
  2. Anticipation/Talking with the Spirit: When you wear a shirt on your chest that invites question or conversation, you’re going to be more aware of opportunities to talk about God, even looking for them now. This anticipation coupled with praying to God asking His Spirit to guide them and to open doors is a habit that is difficult to teach about unless people are put into situations where they must be relying on the Spirit’s leading.
  3. Proclamation/Sharing: Depending on how well the student knows about God and has experienced him, they will get the chance to share about why they love him. Anytime someone gives their testimony, for many, it stirs up their passion for God. They’re also going to get answers that make them come back and follow-up with more questions or research and time spent with God looking for more answers to tough questions.
  4. Following Up/Discipling: Upon sharing with peers, co-workers, friends or even acquaintances and strangers, the emphasis should always be on discipling people who you’ve had conversations with. This can happen through so many ways of building relationship. This shirt will help to catalyze disciple makers who are plugging new seekers into the family of God, leading them toward Jesus and His Salvation.

Will my people become dependent on a shirt to share their faith?

Not if they are trained properly. Part of the training that comes with the shirts speaks to the importance of long term relationships, that the Holy Spirit might start using our shirt. In fact, we pray that they wearers will actually become more dependent on the Spirit of God, asking for Him to lead people to ask questions about the shirt – making them more comfortable to bring up Christ and build redeeming relationships in every area of their life (with or without our clothing).

Why aren’t the shirts cheaper?

Three main reasons:

  1. We don’t want the lack of quality or style of our shirts to become a barrier for people to ask about it and hear about Jesus. If the shirt were more cheaply made, many people won’t feel comfortable wearing it, which also makes for a more awkward for them to confidently deliver truth. We want both the wearer and the onlooker to like the design and to see it as a credible shirt, not a homemade attempt. (You can see we are reasonably priced to many other higher quality shirts).
  2. Part of the resources of the shirt help us develop more training materials to equip more teens. Cool digital media and training videos that get through to this generation involve some cost, and time to make.
  3. Eventually, Lord willing, we want the manage the production/shipping of our shirts by employing people from our low-income community (these could be anyone from a struggling refugee to a young person’s first real job). Therefore even the production of these shirts is supporting this cause of job-training and influencing future staff with the Gospel.

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